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This is an Instagram-based craft swap for Pusheen-themed items. You will swap 2 handmade items: one “big” (or more complex) item and one small item. Think, a pushy and a pincushion. Or a mini quilt and a mug rug. Or, a cross stitch and a bookmark. Make sense?

The swap will be open for sign-ups until May 23 or until the swap is full. Don’t wait and get your spot today!
1- Don’t sign up unless you plan to follow through.
2- You must be an instagram user. You should be a regular poster.
3- You will need to post an inspiration board on instagram by May 30.
4- You will post pictures the following times during the swap:

2 progress pictures – one by June 15 and July 15
Finished project when you mail it
Received item with a thank you to the person who made it!

5- You are strongly encouraged to have a public profile. If you don’t, you will be paired with another person with a private profile. You will have to allow the swap organizers to follow you (We cannot see your progress pictures otherwise)

You will be sent a secret partner via e-mail by May 28 (sooner if we fill the swap quickly).

In this swap we will exchange craft items of all types. The choice is yours to make.
It is expected that you will use quality materials and make your best creation for the swap- make something you would love to receive….of course keep your partner’s interests in mind too!

This is a craft swap for Pusheen-themed items. You will swap 2 handmade items: one “big” (or more complex) item and one small item.

Swaps are so much fun when we can see what other’s are doing! We ask that you share sneak peeks of what you’re making and use #PusheenCraftSwap on social media

Goodies are a nice treat in any swap! Please plan to put a couple of small goodies in your package. Keep your goodies under a $15 value.

We ask that you ONLY mail in this time frame.  Some of you may finish early, but hold off mailing until the beginning of the mail window.

International packages: August 3-8
Domestic packages: August 10-15.

If you’re unable to continue in the swap, let the swap hosts know as soon as possible. Your swap hosts are Alice (@aliceodallas) and Catherine (@catherinedutton)

(sign ups closed on 5/24!)



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