Row By Row Road Trip

Oh, what fun! CC and I took Ma & Pa with us on a Row by Row adventure. Have you heard of the Row By Row Experience? Quilt shops all across North America have joined in and are making this summer fun! We started here in our hometown of McKinney, Texas and have hopped over 30 shops in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

It was quite the Adventure and Ma and Pa were total superheroes (in Metropolis, IN)

I broke the bank at one shop….







However, CC bought ALL the fabric….







Of course, we had to stop at the beach…and that meant making super cute beach bags! We love these roomy totes. The pattern is the Poolside Tote by Noodlehead. We used Jen Kingwell’s Stardust pattern to make the block on the front.

When we got back I sat down and started making the rows, 4 days later I had a completed quilt! I took it to a local quilt shop and won 25 fat quarters!! Woohoo! Now I have enough to make another quilt!

Happy crafting!

PS *this is CC*: I finished my quilt too…at least the top. It took me way more than 4 days to complete it though, haha!

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